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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

One of Korea's favourite past times is its selection of ‘rooms’, these are varied from saunas (See ‘Jjimjilbang’ post) to PC rooms (See ‘Video Games’ post) to karaoke rooms. Room is ‘bang’ in Korean (방), for a PC bang you pay by the hour of visiting, doing work, applying for concert tickets, and most likely playing video games but to make an account you should bring a translation device with you! Playing games will be difficult if you don’t have an identification number as that is needed to make accounts in games, but you can still use the web, print things out, and even order food to your computer! Another ‘bang’ is the Jjimjilbang, this is a sauna that you also pay by the hour for, both are very cheap and popular among Koreans. Another, unforgettable ‘bang’ is the karaoke rooms! Norae bang (노래방) literally meaning ‘song room’ is the perfect end to a night of drinking, a great way to heal a broken heart, or a great date spot! Check them all out for a day of fun!

Location - Everywhere

Opening Times - 24/7

Price - PC bang 1,000KRW per hour (~£0.60)

- Karaoke 1,000KRW for 3 songs (~£0.60) or 25,000KRW for 1 hour in a group (~£17)

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