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I'm a Falmouth University graduate as of summer 2021! I studied BA (Hons) Photography and was amazed by the freedom to try new styles and processes when I wanted.
My main passion is photography, but I have a huge interest in the world too. Anything from travelling to learning about different cultures and places through people I have met.
My greatest adventure so far has been to travel to Seoul independently and undertake an internship with Heen Studio.
I love looking into other photographers' work as they inspire me and fuel my energy for creativity.
I have a great zest for life (as long as its after 9am..!) I love exploring different places and seeing scenes and images 'outside the box' and my love for music is a huge inspiration for my projects.
I strive for socialising with others as I find this a great creative boost - often bouncing ideas with family and friends to come up with the best possible outcome for work.

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