I'm a third year degree student studying photography at Falmouth University after completing A Level Photography.
My main passion is photography, but I have a huge interest in the world too! Anything from travelling to learning about different cultures and places through people I have met.
My greatest adventure so far has been to travel to Seoul independently and undertake an internship with Heen Studio.
I love looking into other photographers' work as they inspire me and fuel my energy for creativity. One of my favourite parts of my course is being allowed to experiment with different styles of photography and greatly improve my technical and conceptual abilities with the assistance of tutors, peers, and an amazing set of resources.
I have a great zest for life (as long as its after 9am..!) I love exploring different places and seeing scenes and images 'outside the box' and my love for music is a huge inspiration for my projects.
I strive for socialising with others as I find this a great creative boost - often bouncing ideas with family and friends to come up with the best possible outcome for work.