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Pop Culture

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Korean pop culture is getting pretty famous worldwide. Listening to Kpop is so popular abroad that it far exceeds the amount people listen to it in Korea. You’ll hear pop songs played in all the shops and cafes, even restaurants and book shops. But to really get a taste for it you should go to a show, even though it has a long system of signing up, queuing, and praying you’ll get in all at 7am… An alternative to shows would be to visit the SM Town museum. Whilst this only shows SM artists it gives a glimpse into their lives and what they go through, with even a makeup station set up as if they were there. This museum is located in the outer area of the COEX Mall so make a day of the COEX Mall, SM Town and the Bongeunsa Temple (just across the street)!

Location - 513 Yeongdung-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening Times - 11.30am-8.50pm

Price - Offline 18,000KRW (~£12)

- Online 16,200KRW (~£10)

- 65+, Service person, or disabled with an accompanying person 9,000KRW (~£6)

(BT21 merch is inside Line Friends stores dotted around Seoul so keep an eye out!)

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