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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Kimchi is a staple part of every Korean’s diet. Wherever you go to eat and whatever you order there is guaranteed side dishes of kimchi. A classic spicy fermented vegetable (most commonly cabbage or radish) changes up your palette as you eat. Many Koreans use the side dishes as a way of taking a break from what they’re eating, using pickled radish with spicy dishes gives freshness and using kimchi with an omelette brings a bit of zing.

This Kimchi museum (Museum Kimchikan) is great to learn about the history of kimchi and how it became such an important part of Korean diets, as well as being allowed to try different types!

Location - 03149 Insadong-gil 35-4 (Gwanhun-dong), Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening Times - 10am-6pm Tue - Sun

Price - 19+ 5,000KRW (~£3)

- 8-18 3,000KRW (~£2)

- 36 months - 7years 2,000KRW (~£1.30)

- Whole Cabbage Kimchi Experience 25,000KRW (~£16)

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